Murder codefendant misses sentencing

ALAMOSA — District Judge Patrick Hayes planned to sentence Naomi Olguin, 22, for her part in the 2016 Floyd Dale McBride murder on Thursday, but he issued a bench warrant for her instead.

Olguin did not show up for the August 24th sentencing, a development that had her family worried, her attorney Janet Kinniry told Judge Hayes.

“Her family and I both find this to be very unusual,” Kinniry said. “She’s appeared at all her court dates.”

Kinniry added that Olguin had been cooperative and was happy to come to a resolution in this case. Kinniry said Olguin’s mother had been calling her Thursday morning to see if she needed a ride to court but had not gotten a response.

“She hasn’t answered any of the calls, which is very unlike her,” Kinniry said.

Judge Hayes was assigned to the sentencing because District Court Judge Michael Gonzales was uncomfortable proceeding with the sentence after receiving the pre-sentence report, Hayes said.

Judge Hayes said he hoped Olguin had a good explanation for not appearing for her sentencing, and if she did, he would consider vacating the warrant but since she failed to appear on Thursday he needed to issue a bench warrant.

Olguin and several other codefendants were charged with conspiracy charges in connection with the June 2016 McBride murder. At the time Olguin was the girlfriend of Brian Cooper whose stabbing by McBride was believed to have prompted Brian Cooper’s father Lonnie to subsequently shoot McBride, who bled to death. Lonnie Cooper has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.