National holiday forecast

Cheese lovers rejoice. There are plenty of gooey surprises ahead in this weeks’ holiday list.

Friday, Sept. 20 will feature both National Queso Day and National Pepperoni Pizza Day.

According to, Queso originates from Chihuahua, a state located in northern Mexico. While Queso dip is rarely offered at restaurants in Mexico, restaurants across the U.S. serve up this delectable dish. National Queso Day can be celebrated by going out for Queso, trying a new recipe, or finding a location where free Queso is available.

National Pepperoni Pizza Day celebrates one of America’s favorite dishes. While Pizza is most heavily associated with the Italians, pepperoni pizza is purely American. Since pepperoni comprises more than a third of American pizza orders, it is safe to say that it is the United States’ favorite topping. The day’s observances include going out for the best available slice of Pizza, visiting locations such as the U.S. Pizza Museum in Chicago and hosting pizza parties.

As always, there are reasons to celebrate. Go out and do so today.


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