National holidays: relax

For those who are looking to have a little downtime, this week’s national holiday list will have just the ticket. Thrill-seekers will also be able to have their share of fun as well.

Wednesday features National Financial Awareness Day. While it may not be the most exciting of celebrations, it is a reminder about the importance of smart money choices. Some of the ways that individuals can recognize the day include investing, taking a  trip to one of the four U.S. Mints which are located in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, or West Point, and making a budget.

Thursday, Aug. 15 will feature National Relaxation Day. The holiday is meant to be a reminder that while hard work is a key to a successful life, relaxation is also crucial. Some of the ways the day is observed include finding a new relaxing activity such as yoga or meditation, helping someone else relax by taking on some of their least-liked tasks, and making a relaxation schedule.

Friday, Aug. 16 will bring the total opposite kind of celebration with National Roller Coaster Day. The day celebrates those thrill producing machines that are often among the most popular attractions at leading amusement parks across the globe. Observances of National Roller Coaster Day include going fro a ride on one, or participating in a virtual ride, and reading about the history of roller coasters.

There is something for both the cautious or the thrill-seeker this week, it is simply a matter of deciding which route to take.