Native Writes: Atmosphere impeding progress

These are highly charged times and I am convinced one must choose a side and adhere stubbornly to it or risk being boiled in oil.

To some, “liberal” is a bad word; to others, “conservative” is evil.

They are words, folks. Ink on paper or sounds in the air.

Moderates like myself are going nowhere, stuck between two ideologies.

A lot of conspiracy theories are worrying people. I’m no angel here, I still believe the Warren Commission was wrong about JFK’s assassination.

We now have real news, fake news, information and biased information.

Up until I was an adult, I thought bias tape was what I used in sewing and had to avoid when pinning patterns on cloth.

Conspiracy is real. Really.

Thanks to a set of leaked documents, we now know that 2017 will be the year that UFOs reach earth and attempt a global takeover. Heck, that’s already happened here when the UFOs zeroed in on a horse and discovered people would only care for a few months, then they would worry about where the sand went when it blew through the air.

The leaked alleged report claims NASA has detected an alien UFO invasion fleet emitting a mysterious force field that acts similarly to the Earth’s magnetic field by deflecting harmful space energy particles. While the Obama administration actually reached out to the Kremlin to request Russia's cooperation in establishing an “Earth-wide” missile defense system, it's unknown whether or not President Trump will continue these efforts. 

Hold your horses.

We have also learned that the mainstream media is going to shut down the alternate media. OMG! Does this mean I won’t get to read all the real news while standing in a check out line at Wally World?

All the mainstream media wants to do is shove their version of the truth down our throats without letting the little guy and his lack of credible sources put his vision out into the world.

It’s already happening. Really.

The alternative sites are creating their own sites that are posting news so fake that it makes all the other sites appear to be run by liars, scoundrels and other crazy people.

They may be sued for libel and be shut down, but the distrust they have created will be worth it. We will also have facts, alternative facts and fake facts,

No one is safe. Today, I viewed a perfectly beautiful portrait of Melania Trump, then learned it was coming under fire from groups who protest the fact that she was wearing an anniversary diamond.

Here, I draw a line. It’s her ring and she can wear it if she wants to. If her finger were bare, the rumors would spread that she was getting a divorce. People would know it was true because the headlines would be visible in every newsstand and checkout stand in the country. Not even the Pope and Billy Graham are safe there.

I have listened to detailed news reports about how much each member of the U.S. royal family is worth. Like every other listener — and viewer — I wondered what difference it makes.

It’s no secret that few, if any, men elected to the nation’s highest office were paupers. I’m just wondering why this news deflects from issues like the president’s budget, which cuts funds for almost everything that might benefit the little guy.

I won’t lie to anyone. I am a registered democrat. If that makes me anathema, so be it. I just can’t walk the partisan line and oppose someone I believe would do a good job in an office, be it dogcatcher or a member of the highest court in the land simply because he or she is a member of the opposition party.

Conspiracy theory or not, the “I’m okay but you’re not” atmosphere is hurting us all and I am seriously hoping we can all get along.


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