Native Writes: Googling myself

A good friend asked me if I knew everything about myself.

Well, sure. Who could know better?

Other than the owner of a crystal ball in Saguache County who has determined my true political nature, that is.

I decided to research me.

I Googled myself.

Tuesday night, a sweet young woman asked when I came to Alamosa.

Um, 1943. I was born here.

She was amazed. A person who was born here. I told her there were lots of people around who share that distinction. She hadn’t met any.

That increased my desire to learn more about myself.

Googling more, I learned that, for a fee, I could learn what I was like while serving as news director with the South Coloradan student publication at Adams State. I didn’t send a penny.

That was in the days of long hair, headbands, waffle stompers and bell bottoms. I probably didn’t know too much about myself back then. Anyway, I knew the source was probably a fraud because it used my current name and not the name I used back then. I Googled that name and came up empty.

Temptation was a strong force in my mind, but then I remembered that many “backgrounding” groups exist to gather personal and financial information to share with whoever would pay for it. Selling my soul for a handful of silver and I wouldn’t even get a cut.

I found out I could purchase a firearm if I wanted, but not everything in my life was listed or even hinted about as I continued Googling.

Google needs a crystal ball. I think some of the sources of information do, since I also learned that Sylvia Lobato had worked at a technical institution in New Jersey. New Jersey isn’t even on my bucket list.

The background checks also didn’t include my first newspaper article. I wonder how far back Google really goes, while sites dedicated to listing everything found in public records skim the surface.

I learned the importance of a middle name or initial. My oldest son once told me that he knew why he had one. If I called him by his first name, it meant I had baked cookies, If I called him by his first and middle names, storm clouds were brewing, and If I yelled all three names at the top of my lungs, it meant he either had to come up with a creative explanation for whatever he did or hide in the garage until I started to worry about him.

Google still didn’t reveal my innermost thoughts.

I decided to look for a crystal ball on eBay and Craig’s List. That’s an adventure all its own.

I didn't find myself on one of those sites and I guarantee I am priceless.

The adventure that is my professional life began in 1967 and it’s still moving on. Google just isn’t on board.

I’m still getting to know me.


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