Native Writes: Learning respect

I need to wean myself from Facebook.

All of my adult life I have heard people judging and labeling other people, but this is getting out of hand.

Yesterday morning, a post showed Hillary Clinton laughing alongside the face of a weeping war widow, along with a report that a former Clinton aide had tweeted something unacceptable about the grieving young woman.

That's despicable. Ugly fake news geared to do nothing but inflame the audience.
Daily, we are exposed to yet another blockbuster expose of something Clinton or one of her cronies allegedly did or said, along with unflattering photos of the Obamas and declarations about their lives now that they are no longer in the White House. Why?

We have an elected, inaugurated president and the focus should be on him. He and his aides, appointees and staffers are the ones with power. Like it or not, he is where the buck must stop.

It won't. He has already deflected blame for the raid that took the life of a Navy Seal.
His followers use the word, "liberal" as if it were an organized group. Liberals want the Pledge of Allegiance taken out of the classrooms; liberals don't want the flag flown in public; liberals want to get rid of anything that offends them.

Just two years ago, the debate was the same but the conservatives were blamed. Place the blame or credit where it belongs and leave it there.

When I was very small, I heard two female relatives debate Christianity.It was the same thing. One aunt was an evangelical, becoming so upon a defect from Catholicism; the other was still genuflecting and kneeling every Sunday morning.

Somebody was going to hell, but who?

I fell asleep during Donald Trump's speech Tuesday night. I had heard and read it all before. Yesterday morning, the speech was being dissected like a fetal pig in a high school science lab.

Reading the story in a metro newspaper, the recap was short. I believe it was factual.
What isn't necessarily factual is the morning commentary.

I would like to know who goes through all the filmed news footage and comes up with the ugliest possible facial expression of an individual, to be used in the worst possible place.

Depending upon the opinion of the producer, the man or woman in focus is either great looking or has teeth like a beaver. The images seem endless.

This sort of commentary is its own force with which to be reckoned.

Over the past year, my opinion of old friends and acquaintances has changed for the worst. Some have been erased from my mind. I have been insulted for not agreeing with them or being even remotely critical of the current president.

Back in the day, I was declared so liberal that I was a communist dupe. A communist dupe? Does communism exist in the same form it did, then?

I don't believe it does, but the derogatory definition remains.

As I look at Facebook and watch TV news, I can see why Donald Trump objects.
We can't always be nice, but we can respect one another.


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