Native Writes: Life’s lessons

My life is a process of constant education. I learn something new every day and sometimes two or three times a day.

The next time I hear someone say he or she could function with one hand behind his or her back, I will suggest trying it.

On Sunday, I was innocently carrying a couple of bags into the house when I stubbed my toe and fell, somehow getting my left hand twisted up with the bags and ending up under me.

Checking to see if anything was broken, I discovered it was probably just sprained, so I went on with my day, pain or no pain.

I didn’t take into account the swelling that was taking place in my hand, which was obviously unhappy with its injury.

It began to look like a baseball mitt. I exaggerate, but the swelling was – is – ugly. The top of my hand is about twice as big as it was, the palm is bruised, probably from the twisted bags. My left hand works, but not completely. I’m spoiled, I type with both hands.

I’m working with a fully functional right hand, but only the index finger and thumb on my left. Everything else works, but badly, due to the swelling.

While being out of commission, I have watched the news on several channels, mostly about the devastation in Texas and Florida from hurricanes Harvey and Irma. There have also been tropical storms Jose and Katina, who didn’t lessen their fury.

The wonders of humankind are amazing. Last night, Tuesday, a telethon served to reinforce my feeling that people are innately good.

People who are wealthy kick in thousands and millions of dollars, making my small donations seem insignificant until I realize that $20,000 to one of them is equal to my $20. It doesn’t hurt the pocketbook.

High school students are collecting clothing and money to send southward, churches are making pleas for help and Good Samaritans are headed south with horse trailers and campers filled with necessities. I’m sure it’s a sacrifice, but the goodwill spread along their way is worth it.

I had someone ask me over the weekend, prior to my own accident, if I felt people denying climate change were at fault for the terrible weather and I said seriously that I didn’t think denial had anything to do with it. Actions to remove safeguards might have, but a higher power is at work.

Underneath all this hides deeper problems. We are faced with people who express the opinion that “liberals” or “conservatives” are inherently evil. They are “disciples of evil.” I see this online all the time.

The Facebook writers swear all would be well if liberals, snowflakes, community organizers and other “do-gooders” would leave the conservatives, radio and TV commentators and members of the political party in power alone.

What about working together like the people who are saving life, limb and property in Texas and Florida, not to mention Cuba and the Virgin Islands?

If we try it, we may succeed, but none of us can do much riding only one train of thought.