Native Writes: TV debates offer no solutions

I know I’m not alone when I say I couldn’t care less about the upcoming political candidate debates, though I watched parts of them.

A shocked look on a friend’s face emphasized the idea that I might be in a vast minority.

Normally very political, I am somehow expected to have a favorite this early in the process. I don't.

The main problem with me is that I don’t know how the “winner” will be chosen and where he or she will go from there. The talking heads are saying it will all be based on money raised.

The hopefuls each spoke for a brief time but the substance wasn't really there. Each offered great sound bites, but that’s not enough. There are just too many.

Each of them wants to see the current president defeated and he’s the best campaign chairman for whoever runs against him.

Someone asked me recently about his most serious challenge seems to be and the shock was obvious when I replied, “himself.”

I have since added others, the folks who follow him and try to explain his behavior.

I am old enough to remember the Richard Nixon debacle. I have said repeatedly that he loved the nation enough to resign and not waste countless tax dollars, as well as congressional hours, in trying to hold onto a failed career, but research proves me wrong. His was not an act of love.

He still got his pension, a library and a pardon, bestowed by his vice president, which will likely happen if the current president is impeached.

The photo of a father who drowned trying to get across the Rio Grande with his small daughter has broken many hearts, all but  #45 and his apologists, who declare the father should have waited for his change to prove why he needed amnesty, but chose instead to break the law so, "too bad."

Apparently, the wait to appear before a judge and plead the case for amnesty is long and people waiting are on their own until it happens.

The “commander in chief” blames his predecessor for the family disruption policies that placed the children in such a terrible situation and offers no solution except building of a large wall along the nation’s southern border.

Ignoring the rule of law is not uncommon. Many of the incumbent’s echo stars shout “lock her up” at rallies, referring to Hillary Clinton, who is a private citizen now and no longer running.

As I write this, the inhumane, unconscionable plight of children being held in facilities along the U.S./ Mexican border is being emphasized and bemoaned.

The incumbent's apologists note that the people chose to break the law... Most of the children held in squalor and denied even the basic hygiene necessities didn't make the choice and do not deserve incarceration.

The price of one presidential golf trip would provide each child with essential hygiene items and, maybe, a change of clothes, but none of them have mentioned that.

Before my conservative religious friends launch the hate bandwagon in my direction, I must ask if any one of them would live in such conditions or see their children living like that and not cry out for solutions, as the president boosts a huge construction project that would only make the current squalor more unbearable.

With more than 2,000 children in dire need, it’s a daunting dilemma, one I don’t see being solved by televised debates.