New emergency room fulfills community’s needs

RGH ED Physician Frank Martinez, MD with admissions staff, Lynne Thompson/Courtesy photo

DEL NORTE – San Luis Valley’s Rio Grande Hospital (RGH) is happy to announce the opening of their new emergency department (ED) in Del Norte that is now being utilized.

The flow is more efficient than before. The former emergency department used an area that was not able to be secured sufficiently, and patient rooms were a distance from nurse’ station. Now it’s dedicated to the needs of the patients and staff. The team now has a direct vision of all five new exam rooms. Additionally, the department can be secured easily in the event the patients and family need a protected area.

The ED sees about 500 patients per month. Now there are two convenient entrances: A walk-in door with a receptionist and a waiting room nearby and a separate ambulance entrance which is once again easily accessible for emergency vehicles.

RGH has always focused on community needs and patient care. Arlene Harms, the CEO, stated that “The need was there and we needed to fulfill it. We always want to do what is best for the community so that the current needs of the residents are met. And a new ER was one of the many needs that the community was asking for.”

Rio Grande Hospital has been a lifeline to the community since 1996. The community is excited about growing the hospital’s new ER and many other departments that will be available soon. Having reputable health care in the community helps them with proactive wellness that is often difficult in rural areas. RGH stated how appreciative they were to the emergency crews and patients who were inconvenienced during construction.

Rio Grande Hospital’s vision is dedicated to providing a compassionate and caring environment for patients, visitors, and staff while delivering the highest quality care to the San Luis Valley communities.

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