New group is 'rockin' out in the San Luis Valley

ALAMOSA — A simple hunt that brings joy to many of all ages is a new trend in the San Luis Valley — people are painting and hiding rocks for people to find and enjoy.

These rocks are covered with decorative artwork, sayings and anything the creator can do to bring joy. The finds are welcome to relocate them somewhere else or keep them. They are also encouraged to post them on Facebook at SLVROCKSCOLORADO.

The combined membership of this group is more than 400 and growing. This group was formed on the belief that these rocks can be a source of joy for those who make them and those who find them. This project encourages creativity.

One of the rock artists is retired teacher Sharon Turpin who has personally hidden hundreds of rocks in Pueblo, all over the San Luis Valley, Questa and many other places. She has even sent rocks to soldiers in Afghanistan.

“I have had rocks taken to Arizona, Indiana, Texas and other states,” she said. “Making the rocks is so relaxing to me and others. Hearing that people have found the rocks brings joy to our group.”

People who want to make rocks to hide, it is simple. Just use your imagination, weatherproof paints and a sealer like Mod Podge to decorate stones and pebbles. Then hide them in obvious or not so obvious outdoor places. The vibrant pieces are lying out there to surprise and inspire.

Browse the group’s Facebook page. It is filled with cartoon and video game characters, holiday themes, sports logos, landscapes, sayings of encouragement and more. Some people spend days painting one or two rocks. Others put them together quickly.

There are so many stories of how a rock has helped somebody when they had a bad day.

“I hid some rocks in the Colorado City rest stop,” Turpin said. “It brought joy to us watching people find the rocks and smiling. I probably will never see the rock again, but it brought joy to that adult or child. Inspiring and boosting the soul is what this group is all about.”

Let’s spread positivity as random acts of kindness in the form of pretty painted rocks! 

Caption: These beautifully painted rocks— by artist Bernadette Franco — were hidden around Alamosa “to make our city more vibrant, with colors, fun and inspiration,” their creator stated. Someone already found the lion near Safeway. Courtesy photo