New UFO project underway in San Luis Valley

ALAMOSA — Capturing unexplained aerial anomalies is the mission of Christopher O’Brien.

As a resident of the San Luis Valley from 1989 to 2002, O’Brien was the self-designated investigator of unusual events. He has written three books on his studies including one called “The Mysterious Valley.”

After leaving the Valley, O’Brien has been continuing his work. He is now in the process of installing three triangulated high definition cameras that have recording magnometers and other monitoring systems in order to attempt to be the first to capture the unexplained aerial anomalies in the San Luis Valley.  He is calling this new set of monitors UFODAP (Unidentified Flying Object Data Acquisition Project.) The system would monitor the landmass that stretches from Alamosa to Villa Grove.

He is working with a team of scientists, engineers, and former members of the intelligence community to make the project viable to the science community. Another goal is to be able to monitor the activity that happens in the San Luis Valley from anywhere in the world once the project is operational, he explained. The project is the result of 12 years of work.

O’Brien is not concerned with the messages of pop culture. He also hopes that there are more in the Valley who will take interest in his work, he said. He presented the project in Crestone on September 17th.