Op-Ed They are at it again — Trying to steal SLV water

On July 14, at a gathering to memorialize their father, husband and grandfather, the Gosar family introduced new bumper sticker objecting to the latest assault on the aquifers of the San Luis Valley.

They are distributing them in honor of Greg Gosar who fought tirelessly to defeat, American Water Development, Inc. (AWDI) in the 1990s.

Today, Renewable Water Resources (RWR), a beautiful name for what the Gosar family thinks is a lie, is knocking at the door of the San Luis Valley promising wealth and prosperity for local farmers who might agree to sell RWR precious water. When you consider the name they have chosen, you wonder if they really think the citizens of the San Luis Valley are that naïve.

The people of this Valley united and rose up against AWDI and will do it again.

Suzanne, Greg’s wife remembers right after her dog, Bella was bit by a rattlesnake and died, she created some large signs that said, “Caution Snakes About.” Not long after that, Greg read that Gary Boyce’s ranch (the one of AWDI fame) had sold to some developers from Denver. Greg immediately wrote a concerned Letter to the Editor of the Valley Courier entitled it “Caution Snakes About!”

Four years later, here they are embodied by their representative, Sean Tonner who is taking his dog and pony show around the Valley peddling promises and bribes.

The new bumper stickers are donated by the Gosar family and can be found at the following locations:

Antiques Etc., Saguache

Elephant Cloud Grocery, Crestone

The Green Spot, Alamosa

San Juan Sports, Creede

Shades Quilts Etc., Monte Vista

Haefeli’s Honey, Del Norte

If Greg was alive he would say, “The only thing I want to see of RWR is their backsides as they leave over Poncha Pass back to their areas of uncontrolled growth.”