Orton gets jail time in theft case

Carol Orton

ALAMOSA—Carol Orton, 54, was sentenced to 90 days in the Alamosa County Jail on Wednesday. Orton will also receive a three-year deferred sentence with probation for a felony theft charge and an added misdemeanor theft charges related to her previous employment at the Alamosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Orton will also be required to write letters of apology to her former colleagues at the Alamosa County Sheriff’s Office and to the community. She will also face $500 in fines and 300 hours of public service. Restitution in the amount of $135,554.34 was also agreed upon with the District Attorney’s Office.

Orton’s attorney presented an initial payment of $120,000 in cashier’s check form to Alamosa County Sheriff Robert Jackson.

During her statement to the court, Orton said that she takes “full responsibility” for her actions.

District Judge Michael Gonzales noted that he could not ignore the fact that Orton has harmed the Alamosa Sherriff’s Office and the entire community by her actions and that they were unacceptable. He acknowledged that her efforts towards restitution were extraordinary. However, he made it clear that he could not send the “wrong message” to the community by letting Orton’s actions go unpunished.

He also told Orton that “you threw away a 30-year career, family and retirement, just to shop.” He encouraged Orton to use the sentence as an opportunity to overcome and be the kind of person she is capable of being.

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