Outage caused by cut fiber

VALLEY — For roughly 24 hours many residents across the San Luis Valley had little to no access to phone, cable or internet services. Media spokespeople say that a third-party construction company damaged CenturyLink’s fiber optic network in the Front Range on Thursday afternoon.

Providers that rely on the same network, such as Charter and Verizon, were also affected. Amigo.net uses a portion of the Charter network to service certain cities such as Alamosa and was therefore affected, too. Jade Communications was unaffected due to redundant fiber lines.

“We apologize to any customers who have been impacted,” said Danielle Dunn, a representative of Charter, in an email.

According to Karen Parry, a spokesperson for CenturyLink, customers in Fountain, Woodland Park and a portion of Pueblo experienced the loss of service as well.