Part 2 for this week: Countour Animal Shelter dogs

Emelia, Baby, Rossey and Bolt

More sweet dogs looking for good homes

These are the other beautiful dogs who are waiting for the right people to come along and take them to loving, committed, forever homes.

Emelia is a calm and loving, Husky/Shepherd mix. She is playful and affectionate and loves “butt scratches.” She likes to go for long walks and will let you pet her all day long! She is looking for a secure home that will let her be an involved family member.

Baby is a sweet and gentle, Lab/Border Collie Cross. She loves snuggles and has a very quiet and calm demeanor. She doesn’t bark much but loves attention. She is mostly blind in one eye due to an injury that happened before she arrived at our shelter but has no problem getting around and is looking for a loving forever home.

Roussey is a strong beautiful lab mix. She is very friendly and loves to get attention! She enjoys walks, snuggles and especially “butt scratches.” She is not a fan of other dogs approaching her kennel but she has done well with other meet opportunities. Please bring any dogs in the home to visit with her before adoption.

Bolt is a playful but cautious Chihuahua mix. He is a little timid of new people but comes out of his shell quickly and loves to be held. He feels his natural environment is a human’s lap and would love to be part of a patient home who will let him come out of his shell.


Emelia, Baby, Rossey and Bolt