Pets urgently need new homes

Two dogs, a pit-boxer mix named Pawchey and a sheepdog named Sula, will no longer have a home soon because of a family breakup. They need a new home, either together or separately. Pawchey is about 9 years old. She loves people and is pretty good with other dogs, although she often gets bullied by them. She likes to cuddle and is pretty athletic. Although she never had an interest in fetch, she’ll play with you for as long as you can hold out. She is not great indoors unattended because she likes to chew on things. But, she is pretty good company indoors as long as she’s watched. She is short haired, so can endure some cold but prefers the warmth of her crate once the temp starts to drop. She used to hop fences, but seems to have outgrown that tendency (even though she is still capable). Sula is about 8 years old. She loves Pawchey, and is super protective. She likes being the leader and thus is not great around other dogs. She has shaggy fur and needs to be groomed. She loves people and the outdoors. At age 2 she got hit by a car, so her hips are arthritic. She is fully mobile but chooses not to jump often because of her hips. To give either or both a new home, please call Shanae at 505-409-9380.


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