April 25

Charlotte Gray, 45, was cited with an incorrect turn at 200 Edgemont Blvd.

Diamond Jaquez, 22, was cited with DUI at 1700 State Ave.

Dale Haile, 21, was cited with driving with obstructed vision and driving an unsafe vehicle at 1800 Main St.

Pamela Marr, 48, was cited with criminal mischief, and domestic violence at 3105 Main St.

April 26

Tia Rushlow, 25, was cited with theft at 725 State Ave.

April 27

Braun Trace and Alexander Caldero were cited with unlawful possession of a controlled substance at 2065 First St.

Hunter Peterson, 19, was cited with driving while denied, operating an uninsured vehicle and displaying expired plates at 1500 Tremont St.

Jonathan Richardson, 23, was cited with speeding at 1300 Main St.

Dennis Beiriger, 57, was cited with failure to obey a traffic control signal at State Avenue.

Joshua Loveland, 31, was cited with DUI, careless driving and reckless endangerment at 7 Craft Dr.

April 28

Isaac Moore, 21, was cited with a parking light violation and DUI at 1700 First St.

Steven Ortega, 46, was cited with trespassing at 3333 Clark St.