Police respond to shooting at 10th and Edison

After responding to a report of gunshots, officials talk to neighbors in the area.

ALAMOSA – At approximately 7:00 Thursday night, officers with the Alamosa Police Department responded to a report of a shooting in the 1000 block of Edison.

When the Courier showed up on the scene, officers had blocked off the street and were searching the premises.  A shirtless man sat on the curb in handcuffs with an officer standing nearby. 

Within several minutes, officers helped the individual get to his feet and escorted him to a patrol car where he was put in the back seat. 

A resident who lives in the immediate vicinity told the Courier that he heard a gunshot “that sounded like a firecracker” and saw a shirtless man standing in front of a nearby house.  He heard the man yell obscenities in the direction of the house and then saw him start walking down Edison to the west.

The local resident confirmed to the Courier that the man sitting on the curb was the same man he had seen standing in the yard.

In the minutes that followed, police officers, with the assistance of two officers with the Colorado State Patrol, appeared to be canvassing the area, interviewing neighbors and searching the bushes, although what they were searching for could not be determined.

This is a developing story.  More information will be reported as it comes available.