‘Prayer: Who Needs It?’

Is prayer a thing of the past? For many spiritual people who do not belong to any religious organization, prayer seems like a lost cause; a polite courtesy in the wake of the death of God. Despite the changing attitudes toward traditional prayer, many spiritual people still use prayer to provide meaning in their lives.

 On Sunday, Pastor Dean Cerny from the Pagosa Springs Unitarian Universalism will join with the Alamosa Unitarian Universalism and will explore the possibility that prayer can still be meaningful personally and communally.

Join us as we kick around some thoughts about praying in a universe that is what it is, not what we want it to be. Borrowing from eastern and western wisdom tradition sources, we will look at the diversity of approaches to prayer as well as discovering the commonality of prayer in all faith traditions.

We will do so in an effort to establish some sort of theological, religious, and spiritual grounding for the skillful practice of prayer in our personal and communal lives.

 Unitarian Universalism is an organized religious denomination committed to pushing traditional religious boundaries in order to foster meaningful spiritual growth. What this means is that you will find ideas, like prayer, discussed in a manner that many other faith traditions will not even touch. If this excites you, then check us out. We meet at 330 San Juan Ave. in the basement of the Alamosa Presbyterian Church at 10:30 a.m.

Call Don Thompson at (719) 587-5529 for more information.