‘Pressed’ for the truth

Ms. Lobato’s apologia for “modern journalism” was sadly rather lame! Rather than rightfully decry ‘mainstream’ forums like CredibilityNotNeeded, MoreSuchNothingButCrap, the New York Slimes and others she instead criticizes any criticism of her not-so sacred cow.

Does Sylvia take to task the petulant man-child Jim Acosta who hijacks press conferences to make the “news” about HIM while whining over being insulted by someone he’s slandered non stop?

Did she address pseudo pundits like Rachel MadCow or Little Larry O’Donnel when they accused PRESIDENT TRUMP of gassing civilians in Syria in order to “appear tough” instead of laying blame — or reporting ACTUAL news — about tyrants testing the new POTUS to see if the U.S. still had a chump-in-chief as exemplified by Obama?

But then Ms. Lobato was never so incensed by the incessant lies of King Barry despite there being much more dangerous and detrimental (Fast & Furious? doctors we CAN’T keep even at higher cost?) or his corruption of U.S. institutions like the DOJ and IRS and the other acronyms of control we, the people can no longer trust?

Where is her supercilious outrage while CNN triples down on the lies they spread for serial liar Laney Davis, former lawyer for the Clintons, now lying for hire for the already outed liar and lawyer (same thing!) Michael Cohen?

For someone who finishes with flourishes about “facts and documentation” she still tacitly touts the NONE against PRESIDENT TRUMP regarding collusion or corruption while ignoring the copious amounts against Inevitable Hillary-as actual evidence from (not so deleted!) e-mails and follow-the-money trails from Uranium One to the corruptions of the DNC and far beyond demonstrates?

Credibility is the ONLY currency the press can collect or pay out and that account is becoming increasingly bereft and bankrupt despite Sylvia’s bemoaning that destruction from within as somehow an assault from without!

Jeffrey H. Miller



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