Proponents urge support of Amendments Y & Z

Toni Larson, president of CO League of Women Voters, talks about Amendment Y & Z during a presentation in Alamosa on Wednesday evening./Courtesy photo

ALAMOSA — The League of Women Voters held a meeting Wednesday evening in Alamosa to educate voters on why they should support Amendments Y & Z. 

Toni Larson, president of CO League of Women Voters, explained how Amendments Y & Z will change how federal congressional districts and state senate and representative districts are drawn. The measure would prohibit gerrymandering and create fair and competitive districts in Colorado. 

Under the current system, the General Assembly oversees the drawing of Colorado’s seven congressional districts. The districts can be controlled by politicians and political appointees, which often leads to partisan bickering and behind-the-scenes decision making. This creates districts that are not competitive and limits voters choice. The courts determine the final maps when a consensus is not met. 

Colorado will make history and other states will likely follow this same process if Amendments Y & Z pass. The amendment allows an independent commission of equal representation from Republicans, Democrats, and unaffiliated voters to oversee the map drawing with a focus on making the districts competitive. For more detailed information go to the website

Local speakers at the event were Senator Larry Crowder, Joe Martinez, Amanda Pearson, Bob Mattive and Gigi Dennis. Amendments Y & Z have been endorsed by conservative and liberal organizations across the state and the Colorado Farm Bureau, Colorado Water Congress, Action 22 as well as the ACLU & AFL-CIO.  The Alamosa County Commissioners endorsed the initiative in September. 


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