Proposal shared to rename Motorway Building for Jeff Woodward

Often the newspapers or media bring us “malas noticias” as you stated in your August 3, 2018 editorial and sometimes there is no evading the news that just “stinks.”

The loss of any community leader is tragic and a blow to the vibrancy of that community. Many times these people accomplish things that make us proud and help us enjoy the community we live in as well as make our city and county a better place to live. Sometimes these articles get moved to page three or to elsewhere or go unnoticed altogether. Therein lies the opportunity to showcase and embrace the “buenas noticias” we can appreciate and deserve.

Jeff Woodward was a railroad man, a car enthusiast, a great barbecue connoisseur, a great force in our community, a neighbor and a friend.

His vision brought many great and wonderful developments to Alamosa. Not enough can be said about Jeff’s giving nature and it is for this reason that I pen this request of the people who own, are in possession of or manage the “Motorway Building.” Historically our community wants this property improved and wants it to bring honor to Alamosa and the people who ultimately own it.

Jeff’s dream was to utilize this building and make it a cornerstone for the Early Iron Club, in their vision and success. Politics, being what it is, prevented that from happening and now, once again, RFP’s are being requested for that very location. It would seem that this property requires lots of TLC.

I have been a citizen of this community for over 40 years. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone and everyone to consider renaming the “Motorway Building” to the “Jeff Woodward Memorial Complex” and do whatever is necessary for the Early Iron Club to acquire and improve that structure and bring life to the dream Jeff and others envisioned.

If this were to happen, that would be some “buenas noticias” this community could certainly live with and enjoy.

Josef Lucero



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