Public in favor of continued enforcement

ALAMOSA — City Council decided to toe the line Wednesday, night letting a motion seeking to slack public health order enforcement fall from the coming agenda.  

What the motion offered by councilor David Broyles sought to do was to relieve City Staff from enforcing the health mandate, to wear masks outdoors. 

As it stands right now the executive order here in Colorado is aimed at indoor mask wearing for people ages 11 and up. While outdoors the order requires masks in public spaces and while waiting for public transport.Wednesday’s meeting opened with public comment which was unanimously against including the proposed motion on the next agenda. Whether those that called in were for or against masks they were aligned that Alamosa seemed to be on the right track with COVID and were opposed to making any changes with the Executive Order from the governor’s office’s expiration date looming.  

Following the public comment Councilor Broyles elected to remove his motion from the coming agenda. “After hearing the public comments, and I really do appreciate your comments, I know it takes time, we’ve heard from healthcare professionals, business people the educational people” Said Broyles during closing comments “My concerns have been satisfied and I don’t see a need to place this on the agenda. Based on the comments people want to keep the mask mandate in place and I appreciate that. I feel like I represent the public and the public wants to keep it.”

Executive Order D 2020 039 has been amended and extended four times and is currently slated to expire September 13th. 



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