Pucker up!Pucker up!

During the month of April Alamosa Elementary PTO hosted a friendly competition between the K-2 and 3-5 schools. The schools rallied to collect the most “Box Tops for Education,” because the losing school’s principal would have to kiss a pig. In what was a fierce rivalry, AES K-2 came out on top collecting over 2,000 box tops, while 3-5 brought in 1,578. Box tops earn cash for the schools; last year AES earned almost $1,700 for the schools through the program. Last Wednesday, both 3-5 Principal Christy McBee and K-2 Principal Lori Smith gathered in front of the school to make good on the deal. As Ms. Christy got ready to pucker up, Mrs. Smith announced that as a belated birthday present to Ms. Christy, she would also kiss a pig. Following a countdown, the students cheered as both principals lip locked with the swines. Photos by Jennifer Alonzo