Queen Ruthie

Where has the week gone? Every day seems to go by faster and faster … especially when it seems like a crazy ride on a merry-go-round I want off!

Actually, what I want to do when this is all over is declare a Valley Hug-a-thon. By the power vested in me, by Ruth Heide, and in my own mind … I, the Queen, will deem it okay to once again hug your friends and neighbors.

That’s one of the things I think is taking the toll -- this lack of physical contact. 

It’s been kind of funny at times, but now it is sad and sometimes hard to refrain from. It’s just plain weird! It’s especially weird when I tell Larry to ‘back-off!’ -- just kidding, honey.

I will tell you not to wait to get your garden seeds, because there has been a run on them. Many distributors are running out. Shipments I used to get within a couple of days, are now taking over two weeks. 

Does this mean I will let you buy me out —absolutely not! Be kind and only get what you are going to plant this year — or I will have to use my taser on you. And because life will go on, onion plants will arrive about the 16th of this month. We will get our second shipment at the end of the month.

Those Rockey Farm brothers have already brought me seed potatoes, so come get them. We have Dk. Red Norlands, Purple Majesty, Harvest Moon, Russett and Golden Globe. 

The Globes are like a Yukon, only better, according to Brendon Rockey who traded me for a puppy! We will have fingerlings in next week.

It may be a little early to get your potatoes planted, but everyone has spring fever, so go ahead, maybe plant a little deeper, and be ready to mound the soil over the foliage if we are a frost is predicted in May.

I was begging my garden plant supplier a couple of weeks ago for pansies. I was ill with the fever. They kept telling me “Ruthie, it is still March” and, “Now Ruthie, you know better.”

I felt like a beginner! Anyways, plants will be coming in about the same time as the onions, maybe a week later. Get your soil ready, rake the leaves.

Wash the windows, clean the porch, clean the dog pen … all the stuff that needs to be done and then make the gardening a treat for getting all the other chores done. It’s just that simple!

Can you believe a low-life tried to steal one of my guardian lions in front of the store? He actually lifted it up, and moved it about 8’ before putting it back down. I wish he had dropped it on his foot — that would have been justice!

What pisses me off is that now I have to chain them down and that is really, really ugly! Maybe I’ll just have to wrap them in barb wire, right?

I do have security cameras so I’m trying to get pictures of the guy, and the pickup that was backing up to get it. If I get it figured out, the pictures will be in my windows for all to see.

Please keep an eye out for your stuff, your sheds … and your neighbors’ stuff! 

Take a few minutes and get to know your neighbor. We all need to stop these little criminals in their tracks. It doesn’t really matter if the crimes are committed by the Homeless element in our community or by the inmates that have been released from jail, due to the virus. If you are the victim, it is violating … no matter who does it.

How about everyone look into lighting up their back yards … motion-activated lights? Make sure the padlocks on your sheds are secure. Keep your cars locked and all valuables out of your cars. Again, let’s stop these thieves.

If you see something suspicious call Dispatch at 589-5807. Be diligent and pay attention to details, because that is what will help the responding officers.

Thanks-a-million to all who tuned in to Society Hall’s Don Richmond Facebook concert on Wednesday evening. Over $3,500 was raised and that will keep us going through all the craziness. 

Please support and help local businesses if you can. It’s so important! I don’t think we have even begun to feel the trickle-down effects of the nasty COVID19 yet. 

But I will say, I am grateful to be in the San Luis Valley, because we all group together … we will survive and prosper — it’s just going to take a while.