Quintana seeks Alamosa school board seat

ALAMOSA — Star Quintana is running for the Alamosa School Board Director-District 1 position.

“I elected to run for this position because I value our children’s education, believe in the ideals of serving our community, and I have many skills to contribute to improve the educational opportunities for all our students,” she said.

Currently, Quintana serves as chairwoman for Ortega Middle School’s Building Accountability Committee, she is a voting member of Alamosa Elementary Building Accountability Committee, serves on the District Accountability Committee, and is a member of the District Calendar Committee.

“I feel passionate about our school’s priorities and the decisions made to support public education in Alamosa,” she said. “I would like to bring my professional background in business management, accounting, and information technology, to facilitate, collaborate, and communicate with our community to ensure the success of every Alamosa student, faculty member, support staff and administration member.”

She added, “Over the next four years, our district will continue to face the challenges of tight state funding as well as a growing diverse community and for these reasons, I believe my talents can make a positive difference and will successfully meet any challenges presented.”

Quintana is a native to the San Luis Valley. Her parents raised her in Del Norte. While attending high school she met her husband Daniel (also a native to the San Luis Valley) and he is a graduate of Alamosa High School. They are proud parents of three sons attending school in the Alamosa School District, Seth (seventh grade), Ethan (sixth grade) and Jonathan (fourth grade).

“I have a passion for quality education and have been actively involved in my children’s schooling,” Quintana said. “I know what educators face each day in the classroom. I understand the needs of students. By serving on many committees in our schools, I have obtained a clear understanding of the issues faced by our district. And, as a parent I understand what is necessary to assist our students on their path towards success.”

She said that in addition to the many strengths and achievements occurring in Alamosa schools, “at the same time, I am also aware of the many concerns, recommendations and issues we all have as parents, educators, and community members”

She said she would encourage dialogue and take input from all parties before coming to a decision on relevant issues.  

“I believe the long-term vision of our school board should be to provide leadership and to map out ways, for students of diverse backgrounds, diverse abilities, and diverse needs, to reach their full potential.”

Contact her at [email protected].