Radio and Lemonade on the National Holiday List

It is time to tune in for this week’s list of national holidays!

Tuesday, Aug. 20 features National Radio Day. According to, the day is set aside to celebrate a time-honored broadcasting tradition.  Over the decades, radio has provided countless individuals with a source of joy, a focal point for debate, and a way to bring friends and family together. Since the first public radio broadcast in 1906, listeners have experienced many prominent moments of history through listening to the radio such as favorite songs, famous speeches, and shocking news that changed the world. While the internet is a vast source of information in today’s world, radio is still an enormous part of national communication. Some of the observances of National Radio Day include donating to local broadcast stations, promoting radio on social media, and fixing up a vintage radio.

Aug. 20 is also National Lemonade Day. Founded in 2007 by Michael Holthouse, National Lemonade Day is designed to help children learn the benefits of good business practices, responsibility, finance education, goal creation and teamwork through operating a lemonade stand. National Lemonade Day now takes place in over 100 cities across the U.S. This tasty celebration is observed by finding a local lemonade stand, or volunteering to help at one and, of course, making and drinking lemonade.

Wednesday, Aug. 21, is National Senior Citizens Day. This holiday is dedicated to the elderly. Originally established by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, National Senior Citizens’ Day recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of the elderly.  The holiday is also meant to raise awareness of the role of seniors in society and the issues that they face. Some of the observances of National Senior Citizen’s Day include spending time at a nursing/retirement home, reaching out to a senior family member, and encouraging seniors to celebrate themselves!

There are plenty of reasons to have a celebration this week, so go out and do so!


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