Rep. Lawrence running for state treasurer

CLIFTON – State Representative Polly Lawrence (R-Douglas and Teller Counties) announced that she is running to be Colorado’s next State Treasurer.

“The opportunity to serve as Colorado’s next state Treasurer is exciting,” said Lawrence “I’ve taken on big issues in business and in the legislature.  Whether it’s challenging labor unions or blasting Hickenlooper’s failed Obamacare exchange, I’ve never been afraid to shake things up. It’s time to make the state’s finances more accountable to the people, and that’s what I’ll do as Colorado’s Chief Financial Officer.”

Lawrence has highlighted three areas where she will focus her efforts to make state finances more accountable:

  • Fight to end the year-end-spend
  • Reform the Public Employees Retirement System (PERA)
  • Lock the revolving door that allows certain state employees to game the system

“As a conservative and as a small business owner I know that government isn’t accountable to the people paying the bills. Money is wasted, certain people are taking advantage of the system and PERA is upside down, risking a massive taxpayer funded bailout.  I love Colorado and know that we can do better,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence grew up in Jefferson County, graduating from Wheat Ridge High School and Colorado State University. She and her husband RJ run Lawrence Construction, a 93-year-old Colorado business. Polly and RJ have two adult children, Scott and Anne. Polly and RJ live in Roxborough Park in Douglas County. Polly has represented House District 39 (Douglas and Teller Counties) since 2013.

“Colorado is a wonderfully dynamic and diverse state full of remarkable people, and still, some parts of our state continue to feel the effects of the last economic downturn.”  Lawrence added, “We cannot let the success of the northern front range put the rest of our state on the back burner. From Pueblo to Montrose, Grand Junction to Lamar, our state’s overall success relies on rural Colorado’s success.”

During her short time in the legislature, Lawrence championed government transparency and accountability, while attempting to protect the privacy of individuals in an increasingly intrusive world.

“Government must be accountable to the people, and for that to happen, Coloradans must know what their government is doing,” Lawrence added. “I’ve fought state agencies that are hiding information from the public and I’ve fought to help people keep their private lives private.”  

Lawrence finished, “In a free society, we need to know what the government is doing so that government is accountable to us.”