Results from 12 HOP race on Saturday

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Riders mingle at the finish line of 12 Hours of Penitence on Saturday in Penitente Canyon, San Luis, Colorado.

Female Solo
1. Sarah Ginsbach                            10:49

2. Samantha McCoy                           8:47

Female Duo
1 Primal Girls                                   10:30
    Laurie Brandt
    Paige Hauptmann

2 McMight’s                                      11:11
    Claire McCHtly
    Margeret Knight

3. Devilish Divas of Dirt                  10:06
    Patti Lindquist
    Elisaneth Lawaczeck

Female Trio
1. Ketamine Kids                               9:54
    Linda Lee
    Becky Church

2. WMBA Colorado Springs             10:00
    Jaclyn Roberson
    Julie Cribbs
    Jolie NeSmith

Male Solo
1. Tom Kavanaugh                           10:05

2. Robert Weinhold                           10:27

3.Terry Daley                                    11:01

Male Duo
1. Dos Subculture Jason                  10:50
    Jason Shelmen
    Jason Willis

2. Team Hotwheels                          11:27
    Ryan Graber
    Andrew Mastre
3. Ballers                                          11:35
    JC Norling
    Robb McGuffin

Male Trio
1. Mount Massive Thighs                10:22
    Will Wicherski
    Alex Hamilton
    David Clark-Barol

2. GRIT                                             10:42
    Breton McNamara
    Zach Pickett
    Cody Scott

3.  Pedaling Padres                          11:01
    Adam Mahowald
    Aaron Derwingson
    Lucas Bare

Coed Trio    
1. The Smokin Ponies                      10:21    
    Caleb Young
    Amy Young
    Geoff Heller

2.Los Tigres                                      10:26
    RJ Robinson
    Carlos Ruibal
    Laura Haefeli

3. The Spoking Section                    11:24
    Daniel Boyes
    Ben Billings
    Andrea Bachman

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