Results from 12 HOP race on Saturday

Riders mingle at the finish line of 12 Hours of Penitence on Saturday in Penitente Canyon, San Luis, Colorado.

Female Solo
1. Sarah Ginsbach                            10:49

2. Samantha McCoy                           8:47

Female Duo
1 Primal Girls                                   10:30
    Laurie Brandt
    Paige Hauptmann

2 McMight’s                                      11:11
    Claire McCHtly
    Margeret Knight

3. Devilish Divas of Dirt                  10:06
    Patti Lindquist
    Elisaneth Lawaczeck

Female Trio
1. Ketamine Kids                               9:54
    Linda Lee
    Becky Church

2. WMBA Colorado Springs             10:00
    Jaclyn Roberson
    Julie Cribbs
    Jolie NeSmith

Male Solo
1. Tom Kavanaugh                           10:05

2. Robert Weinhold                           10:27

3.Terry Daley                                    11:01

Male Duo
1. Dos Subculture Jason                  10:50
    Jason Shelmen
    Jason Willis

2. Team Hotwheels                          11:27
    Ryan Graber
    Andrew Mastre
3. Ballers                                          11:35
    JC Norling
    Robb McGuffin

Male Trio
1. Mount Massive Thighs                10:22
    Will Wicherski
    Alex Hamilton
    David Clark-Barol

2. GRIT                                             10:42
    Breton McNamara
    Zach Pickett
    Cody Scott

3.  Pedaling Padres                          11:01
    Adam Mahowald
    Aaron Derwingson
    Lucas Bare

Coed Trio    
1. The Smokin Ponies                      10:21    
    Caleb Young
    Amy Young
    Geoff Heller

2.Los Tigres                                      10:26
    RJ Robinson
    Carlos Ruibal
    Laura Haefeli

3. The Spoking Section                    11:24
    Daniel Boyes
    Ben Billings
    Andrea Bachman

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