Reward offered for elk poaching incident

MONTROSE – Colorado Parks and Wildlife is still seeking information about two bull elk killed illegally in western Colorado in early November; and now a $1,250 reward is being offered for information on the crime.

Operation Game Thief is offering a $1,000 reward and Colorado Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is offering an additional $250 for information that leads to an arrest or a citation being written to the person or persons who killed the bulls.

Both bull elk had six-point racks, which indicated they were mature animals in prime breeding age. The animals, found in Game Management Unit 61 in the Sanborn Park area, were killed and left to rot early in the 3rd Rifle season, likely sometime from Nov. 3-8.

The dead elk, which were killed well away from any forest roads, were spotted by a hunter who reported them to a local district wildlife manager. Evidence has been recovered from the scene which is being used in the investigation.

“Whoever did this shows a total lack of respect for wildlife and ethical hunting,” Caddy said. “Colorado’s hunters are ethical, respect wildlife and follow regulations. This was not done by a hunter; it was done by a criminal.”

Operation Game Thief is a Wildlife Crimestoppers organization; Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is a nationwide organization with 1,700 members in Colorado and more than 20,000 members nationwide.

“Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is an organization that promotes legal, ethical hunting and fair chase; so we are compelled to speak up on this terrible incident,” said Craig Grother, a member of the organization who lives in Norwood.

Caddy said, “We greatly appreciated the help that Operation Game Thief and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers are offering.”

Anyone with information about this crime against wildlife can make a report to the Montrose wildlife service center at 1-970-252-6000; or to Operation Game Thief at 1-877-265-6648. Informants can remain anonymous and are eligible for rewards.