'Rhyme & Reason' is Sunday topic

ALAMOSA — The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Alamosa welcomes guest pastor, Dean Cerny, from the Pagosa Springs UU Fellowship. He will present, “Pondering Last Things: The Rhyme & Reason of Eschatology Theology.” Eschatology is a religious term for “end times” thinking.  Is there any spiritual value in contemplating our “end of time?” Those who experienced the false warning of approaching nuclear missiles in Hawaii several months ago could probably best answer this question.

Putting on the experience of their mindset, we will explore and evaluate the theological concept of “eschatology” in our lives as well as humanity as a whole. 

The UU Fellowship meets in the community room of the Alamosa Presbyterian Church, 330 San Juan at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. A values-oriented children’s program is lead by Brenda Hanna.

Call 719-480-4771 for more information.