Rio Frio Events

Kristi Mountain Sports hosted the annual Fat Tire Race. Bikers ran the course at Riparian Park in Alamosa. Mike Henderson (left) took first place among the men, Emma Reesor (44) pictured with Vanessa Pickett placed first among the women.

Virtual 5K Results and Fat Tire Racing

Edith Lopez 00:22:56 Columbia, SC F

Chris Lehman 00:23:37 Harrisonburg, VA M

Randy Robison 00:25:40 Hooper, CO M

Matthew Knippen 00:26:17 Chicago, IL M

Eugene Reesor 00:26:28 Toronto, ON M

Zoey Collins 00:26:37 Las Animas, CO F

Jeremy Trujillo 00:26:39 Alamosa, CO M

Andrew Adams 00:26:42 Alamosa, CO M

Suzanne DeVore 00:26:44 Mosca, CO F

Makayla Huffman 00:27:52 Alamosa, CO F

Kevin Daniel 00:28:13 Alamosa, CO M

Damian Lucero 00:29:40 Alamosa, CO M

Crestina Lucero 00:30:04 Alamosa, CO F

Forrest McCleary 00:31:45 Alamosa, CO M

Mike Henderson 00:33:27 Alamosa, CO M

Eric Palmer 00:35:01 Alamosa, CO M

Jeff Owsley 00:35:41 Alamosa, CO M

Nellie Edelen 00:36:05 Del Norte, CO F

Frannie Edelen 00:36:20 Del Norte, CO F

Angie Werner 00:36:45 Alamosa, CO F

Irene Baker 00:39:51 Alamosa, CO F

Amber Langsteiner 00:40:25 Colorado Springs, CO F

Erika Henderson 00:41:44 Alamosa, CO F

Kristina Daniel 00:43:56 Alamosa, CO F

Desiree Cortez 00:45:44 Alamosa, CO F

Hope McCleary 00:47:30 Alamosa, CO F

Kristen Lucero 00:49:57 Alamosa, CO F

Lorri Ludeke 00:51:31 Alamosa, CO F

Emma Reesor 00:57:34 Alamosa, CO F

Fat Tire Racing

Men’s Podium (Min:Sec)

1. Mike Henderson (11:08)

2. Samuel Mathis (11:21)

3. Thomas Matson (12:15)

Women’s Podium (Min:Sec)

1. Emma Reesor (14:10)

2. Vanessa Pickett (16:57)


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