Road work ahead — public works schedule for Alamosa in 2023

ALAMOSA — The Public Works Department of the City of Alamosa has a number of projects planned for 2023 that include everything from replacing sidewalks in the city to the sanitary infrastructure at Century Mobile Home Park.

Beginning this month, significant work will be done on Victoria Street for a project expected to take five months to complete. Although traffic around Ortega Middle School will be impacted for the remainder of the school year, the project is expected to be done before school resumes in the fall.

Specifically, city crews will be replacing all underground utilities, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. The project will tie into the new storm basin, built in 2022.

After Victoria Street is completed, Vigil Way, Church Avenue, and Mullins Avenue will all get new overlays.

Starting on April 3rd, a city of Alamosa Development Services project will do work on the Fourth Street Parking lot, providing additional parking, and lighting. It is estimated the project will take about eight weeks to build with funding provided by a Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Grant.

Targeted with a timeline from April to June, city crews will be working on the Sixth Street Parking Lot project with funding from the city of Alamosa in partnership with Friday Health Plans and funding from a REDI Grant.

Beginning in April and continuing through October, the city’s Sidewalk Replacement Program will get started. As has been reported earlier in the Valley Courier, sidewalk hazards were identified during the summer of 2022 and city staff are notifying property owners now of the work that needs to be done. Staff is also offering the availability of funds from the Concrete Replacement Program to help owners offset the cost of the sidewalk replacement.

A project on Seventh Street is slated to begin in the fall — targeted for August to early September — which will involve a “full rebuild,” including utilities, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.

Weather permitting, a project on Alamosa Avenue including a section between Seventh and Eighth Street will take place in the fall. City crews will create diagonal parking on the west side to add additional parking for events.

Another big project on the city’s To-Do List is the replacement Water Treatment Plant Well. As Reynolds recently told the city council, “The old well has lived its service life and needs to be replaced. Crews will be drilling the replacement well on the same lot and are designed to provide increased pumping capacity for future needs.”

The golf course is also going to get a larger well to support irrigation of the golf course during the years when less moisture has fallen. The larger well may also serve as a source of municipal water in the future.

In partnership with SLV Housing Coalition and Century Mobile Home Park — home to more than 150 families in Alamosa — the city will provide construction management for the project that will replace the sanitary infrastructure of the park, a project that will improve the quality of life for homeowners and renters in the park.

With an “ever-present eye on the future,” the city will also be working on street designs and engineering for Second Street and West Sixth Street. Both are slated for 2025.

For additional information and maps illustrating each of the projects, go to the City of Alamosa website at and click on “Public Works” under the Departments tab.