Safe drug disposal available for home use

VALLEY — Hospice del Valle recently implemented a new “Medication Management Program” in which prescription or over-the-counter medications can be easily and safely disposed in the home. Persons at the end-of-life often require a variety of medications to assure their comfort and safety. However, once the person passes, the medication needs to be immediately disposed to assure that it is not used by others inappropriately (known as “drug diversion”).

A product known as Deterra® now is used by Hospice del Valle in each patient’s home to deactivate medications and to render them non-retrievable. Deterra® is a “drug deactivation system” which looks like a plastic sandwich bag with a sealable opening, is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Put tablets, capsules, liquids, or patches into the Deterra® bag, add water, seal the bag shut, and safely dispose in the household trash. Safe medication disposal is now as simple as that!

More information on the use of the Deterra® drug deactivation system can be obtained by contacting Hospice del Valle at 589-9019 or by calling Verde Technologies directly at 612-568-1128.