Saguache Commissioner McCracken Says experience matters

Tom McCracken

By Tom McCracken

SAGUACHE COUNTY —Decisions made by the Board of County Commissioners have far reaching consequences and affect many lives. In the past three plus years that I have served, reaching consensus has always been very important to me, and I strive to reach full agreement whenever possible. Researching, listening to opinions on various sides of an issue, considering the best interests of the County and its constituents, weighing the potential effects on wildlife, the environment, economic development, water, quality of life; all these factors and others must always be taken into account when making a decision.             

Often the complexity can lead government to stall and be ineffectual. My leadership style has been action and results oriented. I currently am in my second term as Chairman of the SLV Council of Governments. Last year I served as Vice-Chair of the SLV County Commissioners Association, and this year I was elected Chair.

I serve on the Eastern SLV Trails Coalition, I am the voting representative to Colorado Counties, Inc., I regularly attend meetings of Counties and Commissioners Acting Together, as part of the BOCC I serve on the Board of Health, the Board of Housing, and the Board of Equalization. I helped overhaul the Development Resources Group and helped revive the SLV Tourism Association and the COG.

I helped lead the effort to create the unique and historic Six County Intergovernmental Agreement, that gives all Counties the right to review and approve or deny Water Export Proposals in any valley County.

The experience I have gained during my tenure along with the many relationships I have made will serve me well during a second term in office. I have gained an understanding of the County Budget, which is our most important responsibility. I have worked to create Gender Pay Equity among employees. I have worked to enhance employee benefits such as the new retirement plan.

The Board Of County Commissioners is very close to adopting a new pay scale that considers Level of Responsibility, Level of Education, Length of Service and Evaluations. This is the first time such a platform has been created in County history. I played a very significant role in its development, asking for a fiscal note from our CFO prior to adoption. Changes to property tax rates will affect our budget.

I have been involved since inception in new projects that the County has initiated such as Range View, the 32-unit affordable housing project in Saguache, and the Single-Family homes we will develop for sale in Casita Park.

I am running again for office so that I can continue the work I have begun. The continuity my experience provides is a valuable resource that I believe the County needs and deserves. I will work diligently to leverage my knowledge and experience to the benefit of the people of Saguache County and the valley as a whole.