San Luis Valley Museum hosts artist Laura Lunsford


ALAMOSA — For several years Laura Lunsford has been the artist at the San Luis Valley Museum during the Annual Art Walk. She has shown visitors large and small how to make cats, butterflies and doll heads with her array magical items stashed away in a box or bag by her side. She has made folks smile with her latest dolls from the Pirates of the Caribbean to angels to Cannabis dolls made of leaves. Steam Punk dolls have been her passion, not only soft dolls but also Teddy Bears and elephants. Her 5’7” Steam Punk woman brought laughter from many as people tried to talk to her. How realistic is that!

January of 2017 brought tragedy to her house. She and her husband barely got out of their house as it was burning to the ground. They lost everything including all of her supplies, dolls, furniture and some much loved animals.

Well, here it is time again for the Annual Art Walk. Laura and hubby are working hard on rebuilding their house and replacing all the items needed to live from tables to spices. The San Luis Valley Museum would like to help the Lunsford’s in their efforts.

Laura will be at the museum on June 3rd from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Folks who have purchased her dolls in the past are invited to bring them in for a one day reunion. Share with her and everyone involved with the Art Walk her beautiful work. Also appreciated will be pieces of material, some straight pins, some old nuts and bolts, a spice or two, a piece of lace, some pipe cleaners anything to help get the Lunsfords get back on their feet and get Laura creating again.

Remember, the doll, teddy bear, elephant reunion, bring a surprise for Laura, and share the laughter and joy that Laura always brings to a room.

The event will be held on Saturday, June 3, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the San Luis Valley Museum, 401 Hunt Ave. Alamosa. Call (719) 587-0667.

Captions: Artist Laura Lunsford will be at the San Luis Valley Museum this Saturday, June 3.

This is one of the many unique creations by local artist Laura Lunsford. Those who have bought her creations in the past are invited to bring them to the museum in Alamosa this Saturday for a reunion.