San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair shares place awards

ALAMOSA — Following are the place awards from the SLV Regional Science Fair. The special awards will be announced separately.

Behavioral & Social Sciences

Elementary School

Honorable Mention — Josue Roblero, Haskin Elementary School, “One Sense Gone and Other Senses Help”

Honorable Mention — Danielle Kenew Barton, Haskin Elementary School, “How is Reaction Time Related to the Stroop Effect?”

Third Place — Brianna Nevaeh Sanchez, Sierra Grande Elementary School, “Mood Rings”

Second Place — Ryhanna Cisneros, Alamosa Elementary School, “What is your dominate side?”

First Place — Kaden Ray Mellott, Bill Metz Elementary School, “Does GatorAID or not”

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Antonio Martinez, Sargent Middle School, “Fast Or Slow, Does It Make Your Heart Go?”

Honorable Mention — Katie Marie Pacheco, Monte Vista Middle School, “Forever or Fornever”

Third Place — Amy Quintana, Monte Vista Middle School, “The Small Town Effect”

Second Place — Madelyn Faith Beiriger, Sargent Middle School, “Peripheral Predicament”

First Place — Marissa Lilianna Martinez, Monte Vista Middle School, “Can I Go To The Bathroom?”

High School

Second Place — Hailey B. Dennis, Alamosa High School, “Addicted to Love: Addictive Properties and Social Habits of Rats”

First Place — Andres Villa, Monte Vista High School, “Virtual Illness: Can Virtual Reality Devices Trigger Motion Sickness?”

Biomedical Sciences

Elementary School

Honorable Mention — Aron Edel Ojeda, Sierra Grande Elementary School, “Breathe In Breath Out Do Boys and Girls Have the Same Forced Vital Lung Capacity”

Honorable Mention — Miya Spangler, Alamosa Elementary School, “Make Your Mark!”

Honorable Mention — Julian Fernandez, Mountain Valley Elementary School, “Dirty or not”

Third Place — Logan Henson, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Elementary School, “Beating Back the Bugs”

First Place — Caden Jackson, Alamosa Elementary School, “Beating Caffeine”

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Diego Chavez, Isaiah Baroz, Centauri Middle School, “How Do Video Games Affect Different Attributes of the Body?”

Honorable Mention — Taylor Rockey, Sargent Middle School, “To Tea or Not To Tea: The Hidden Secret of Microbacteria in Sun Tea”

Third Place — Katherine Sewell, Sargent Middle School, “One Shot, Two Shot, Enzyme or Not?”

Second Place — Kyla R Davis, Sargent Middle School, “Can You Hear Me Now? A Study of Earbuds and Hearing”

First Place — Christopher Nix, Sierra Grande Middle School, “Oops why did that happen understanding lactose intolerance”

High School

Third Place — Eric Robinson, Alamosa High School, “Causes of headaches

Second Place — Dominique Lopez, Alamosa High School, “Running Shoe vs. Flipper” Fin

First Place — Gurleen Kaur, Alamosa High School , “Flu Vaccines Accuracy”


Elementary School

Honorable Mention — Ben Tibbitts, La Jara Elementary School, “WiFi Invasion”

Honorable Mention — Victoria Diane Pacheco, Sierra Grande Elementary School, “Talking To Plants”

Honorable Mention — Janessa E Lincicum, Sierra Grande Elementary School, “Do Plants Grow Only Using Water”

Third Place — Emily Tibbitts, La Jara Elementary School , “What’s that smell, its manure!”

Second Place — Tyler Bartee, Sangre de Cristo Elementary School, “How to Get Rid of Pidgeon Grass in Organic Fields”

First Place — Maria Sears, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Elementary School, “Do you have a thriving plant?”

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Sienna Gallegos, Ortega Middle School, “How sweet will it grow?”

Honorable Mention — Justine O’Brien, Monte Vista Middle School, “You Gall That A Cure?”

Honorable Mention — Zoey Ross, Sargent Middle School, “From floral to fertilizer”

Third Place — Alexandrea Lee Paulson, Sargent Middle School, “Touchy Tobacco: The study of how tobacco affects tomatoes at different stages”

Second Place — Carlos Antonio, Ochoa Marquez, Monte Vista Middle School, “Let’s Play Cold Potato!”

First Place — Kamryn L Holland, Sargent Middle School, “All of a Spudden...”

High School

Honorable Mention — Blaine Solomon Gillespie, Monte Vista High School, “Spin-Itching for Some Minerals”

Honorable Mention — Kristine Hoffner, Center High School, “The Analysis of Uniformity of Red Periderm on Potato Tubers”

Third Place — Eric I. Lorenz , Del Norte High School, “Does water quality affect small grains?”

Second Place —Caleb Moses Riggenbach, Monte Vista High School, “Is My Corny GMO being Nice to Microbiology? :Do GMO Plants Have An Effect on Soil Microorg”


Elementary School

Honorable Mention — Teagan Elyse Crowther, Sanford Elementary School, “Top Secret”

Honorable Mention — Alejandro Juan Gonzales, Bill Metz Elementary School, “Keeping cool with evaporation”

Honorable Mention — Jaylyn Ailany Quezada, Sierra Grande Elementary School, “Homemade Lava Lamp”

Third Place — A’Maree Lopez, Alamosa Elementary School, “Who Needs Eggs?”

Second Place — Jessica Buser, Sargent Elementary School, “Uncovering the Hidden”

First Place — Grayson Givens, Sargent Elementary School, “Electric Food”

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Luke Garcia, Antonito Consortium Middle School, “Rainbow Flames”

Honorable Mention — Daylon Everett Maze, Sargent Middle School, “Yell No!”

Honorable Mention — Dominic Alejandro Renteria, Noemi Renteria, Sierra Grande Middle School, “Dirty Money”

Third Place — Ayden Romero, Centauri Middle School, “Alternative Salt Water Engine”

Third Place — Brigid Marie Lopez, Sargent Middle School, “Potater Debater: The Study of Vitamin C and Phenolic Compounds in Organic vs. Conventional”

Second Place — Josh Ambrose Sawyer, Maddisun Ellithorpe, Sargent Middle School, ‘Heating Up to Hemp”

First Place — Parker Leroy Ford, Sargent Middle School, “Magnetic Oil?”

High School

Honorable Mention — Alexandria Evarista Taylor, Centennial High School, “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch”

Honorable Mention — Josephine Marie Aragon, Bobbie Fransica Maes, Centennial High School, “Juicy Balls: The Science of Spherification”

Second Place — Obed A. Perez, Center High School, “Electro Processing”

First Place — Michael S. Savala, Monte Vista High School, “Ferro-solution? Can Iron Nanoparticles Help With Oil Spill Cleanup? PHASE II”

Consumer Sciences

Elementary School

Honorable Mention — Diego Alejandro Rodriguez, Sierra Grande Elementary School, “How to stop soda from exploding”

Honorable Mention — Lawson Culver, Sangre de Cristo Elementary School, “Which Fizzes More?”

Honorable Mention — Charlene Martinez, Haskin Elementary School, “Static Control”

Third Place — Jay Gartner, Sangre de Cristo Elementary School, “Best Battery?”

Second Place — Cahl David Larsen, Sanford Elementary School, “Garbage bag vs. Trash bag”

First Place — JD Mark Faucette, Sanford Elementary School, “25 Cent Tower”

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Karen A. Holguin Guzman, ,Sargent Middle School, “Hydrate for Healing”

Honorable Mention — Isaac Stults, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Middle School, “Bang! Bang!”

Third Place — Delyciana Espinoza, Antonito Consortium Middle School, “Popcorn”

Second Place — Tiffany Sparrow, Monte Vista On Line Academy Middle School, “Orange You Glad Your Not Sick?”

First Place — Cael Ruggles, Center Middle School, “Who Goes the Distance?”

Earth & Space


Elementary School

Second Place — Antonio Aragon, Sierra Grande Elementary School, “Asteroids and Craters”

First Place — Evie Hinds, Bill Metz Elementary School, “Bright Light: Measure the UV Indey”

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Dakota Ray Hubbard, Ortega Middle School, “Can Water Float on Water”

Honorable Mention — Aiden Owen Price, Sargent Middle School, “What Happened to The H20?”

Honorable Mention — Ren Canty, Sanford Middle School, “Water on Mars, Can We Use Electricity to Find Water in Soil”

Third Place — Tyler Kester, Sierra Grande Middle School, “Organic Matter, Does it Matter!”

Second Place — Garrett Hayden, Sargent Middle School, “Extracting Lunar Oxygen”

First Place — Ashlyn Rockey, Sargent Middle School, “Flow or No, Will you Grow?: The Water Deficit of Quinoa”

High School

Second Place — Ryan Tijerina, Sierra Grande High School, “Did You Really Feel It?”

First Place — Matyson Raye Jones, Monte Vista High School, “Global Storming? IS Climate Change Intensifying The Number and Duration of Tropical Storms”


Elementary School

Honorable Mention — Tekoa Ives Martinez, Bill Metz Elementary School, “What shape of rotor works best on a wind turbine”

Honorable Mention — Cheyann Saenz, La Jara Elementary School, “Mechanical Hand”

Honorable Mention — Angel Leonel Rios, Haskin Elementary School, “Hydraulic Lift”

Third Place — Brandy Marie Sparrow, Bill Metz Elementary School, “Airplane Antics”

Second Place — Heysenny Maria Beltran Garcia, Bill Metz Elementary School, “Rigid Bridges”

First Place — Reagan K. Futrell, Bill Metz Elementary School, “Paint Palace: How to Build an Art Bot”

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Mitchell Alan Plane , Sargent Middle School, “A Shocking Connection!”

Honorable Mention — Clinton Philip Blackmon, Sargent Middle School , “Ready, Aim, Fire”

Honorable Mention — Chinmay N Jayanty, Sargent Middle School, “Wearable Trafficator”

Third Place — Colton Johnson, Centauri Middle School, “Propellers of Change”

Second Place — Memphis Garcia, Monte Vista Middle School, “Instead of Insulation, Try Greensolution!”

First Place — Augustus Gerald Miller, Monte Vista Middle School, “Stop Horsing Around With My Hydration”

High School

Second Place — Tammy B. Vigil, Monte Vista High School, “A Sandy Solution To Dirty Water”

First Place — Aaliyah Garcia, Center High School, “Wildland Firefighter Defense System: Phase III”



Elementary School

Honorable Mention — Phoenix Marshall, Sanford Elementary School, “Salt Water to Fresh”

Honorable Mention — Billy Mott, Sierra Grande Elementary School, “Effects of Acid Rain on Plant Growth”

Third Place — Erica Elaine Miller, Sanford Elementary School, “How Acidity Affects Limestone”

Second Place — Addison Hazel Mondragon, Bill Metz Elementary School, “potty posies”

First Place — William Clint Wilson, Sangre de Cristo Elementary School, “H2O - Guilty or Not Guilty? Analyzing drinking water quality in the San Luis Valley”

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Kaia E. Skadberg, Centauri Middle School, “Budgeting for Water Conservation”

Honorable Mention — Tayden Montoya, Centauri Middle School, “Runoff Erosion and How it Affects Soils”

Third Place — Miquela Abeyta, Antonito Consortium Middle School, “Energetic Ladybugs”

Second Place — Carson Robert Wolfe, Sargent Middle School, “Keeping it FRESH”

First Place — Madison Patricia Miller, Monte Vista Middle School, “Well, Well, Well, What Do We Have Here?”

High School

Third Place — Amanda Avila, Monte Vista High School, “Dust in the Wind: Distribution of Airborne Particulates in the Air”

Second Place — Keaton Fischer, Sierra Grande High School, “Understanding Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Resiliency in Trinchera & Ute Creek Watersheds”

First Place — Amber L. Michel, Monte Vista High School, “The Alamosa River Watershed: A Proving Ground for Natural Selection”

Mathematics & Computers

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Anikah Roybal, Sierra Grande Middle School, “How Do Search Engines Work?”

High School

First Place — Sara Nehring, Monte Vista High School, “Small World Networks: I Know Someone You Know, but You Don’t Know it and Neither Do I”


Elementary School

Honorable Mention — Martin Palma, Haskin Elementary School, “Field goel!”

Honorable Mention — Ayden Yund , Nik Skadberg, La Jara Elementary School, “Hydro Power”

Honorable Mention — Kobe Mizokami, Sierra Grande Elementary School,, “Temperature and Rebound of a Golf Ball”

Third Place — Julia Leary, Alamosa Elementary School, “Music to my Ears”

Second Place — Jackson Richard Oberrick, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Elementary School, “Whatever Floats Your Boat”

First Place — Ada Pence, La Jara Elementary School, “Can Soccer Get any Better?”

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Michael Mendoza, Centennial Middle School, “The relationship between distance traveled and time spent”

Honorable Mention — Diego Hernandez, Centauri Middle School, “Magnetic Forces”

Honorable Mention — Wyatt Lance Cross, Jude Walzl, Sargent Middle School, “Need for speed”

Third Place — Gunar LeSueur, Centauri Middle School, “Tune Into Radio Communication”

Second Place — Sara Salas, Ortega Middle School, “Rocketology”

First Place — Karizma Gallegos, Antonito Consortium Middle School, “Salty Egg”

High School

Honorable Mention — Anastasia Eleanor, Rosa Salcido Maestas,  Elisa Maria Patricia Sanchez, Centennial High School, “Magnetic Fluid”

First Place — Molly Megan Nehring, Monte Vista High School, “Far Out! Analyzing NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope Data”


Elementary School

Honorable Mention — Liam Greer, Sangre de Cristo Elementary School, “Bite Strength”

Honorable Mention — Chayse Bouet, Sangre de Cristo Elementary School, “Daphnia Heart Beat”

Third Place — Owen Stults, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Elementary School, “Frontyard Feast!”

Second Place — Hannah Shelton, La Jara Elementary School, “Are Cats as Clean as they Say?”

First Place — Presley Wilson, Sangre de Cristo Elementary School, “Oh Deer!  Wildlife management solutions to Alamosa’s urban deer population.”

Middle School

Second Place — Madison Kyffin, Sargent Middle School, “Metabolize or Manure”

First Place — Camille P. Rawinski, Monte Vista Middle School, “I’m Sensing Bias: Does Poor Conformation In Quarter Horses Affect Certain Senses”

High School

First Place — Alyssa H. Rawinski, Monte Vista High School, “Mealworms... A Potential Solution to the Global Plastic Problem”


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