Sanford takes COVID precaution

Sanford closes down for the week in the face of a positive case in-house (Courtesy)

SANFORD — After five weeks of in-person learning, Sanford schools have their first COVID-19 exposure. 

Superintendent Kevin Edgar said, “We knew the school was not immune to COVID-19 and we have been preparing for this to happen.  After consulting with our county health department and after following the state and national health department guidelines, grades 7-12 will remain in remote learning for the remainder of this week.” 

Students will return to in-person learning Monday, Oct.5.  During this week of remote learning, students should be Zooming into their classes on the hour according to their class schedule.  This means students will be engaged from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with their teachers as if they were here in school, Edgar said.  Attendance is taken during each class. 

Preschool will also not be in session this week.  Preschool students will resume in-person learning on Monday, Oct. 5.

Because the current exposure was only in the 7-12 cohorts and Preschool and because they have kept to our cohorts, Sanford elementary will remain in session this week with in-person learning. 

The superintendent continued, “While we are in remote learning, we encourage students to remain social distanced from other students outside their family.  If a student should display COVID-19 symptoms, please call the school and visit with our school nurse, Michelle Vannoy.  We are required to monitor cohorts who may have been exposed to this virus. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and return to in-person learning next week.”

“Please understand, that we want nothing more than to keep our students safe and continue with in-person learning.  However, during this pandemic, we must follow guidelines and orders by our state and local health department.  This is why our current school plan utilizes cohort grouping, Edgar explained.  Cohort groups reduce the risk and exposure to the entire school and allow students outside of the exposed cohort to continue with in person learning.”

The school is being cleaned and sanitized to ensure that it remains a healthy learning environment for staff and students.  Protocols are in place to ensure that disruptions, due to COVID-19, are kept short but students remain safe and healthy.  Thank you for your support and understanding during this time.