Santa makes a pit stop in Ft. Garland

Courtesy photo by Ayesha Williams Front row are Gary Pettigrew, Garrick Pettigrew, Debbie Pettigrew, Danee Cowles and Theldon Smith. Back row are Lucas Pettigrew, Matt Espinosa, Sharon Gibson, Juan Espinoza, Santa, Dee Lange, Walter Roybal and Matt Lucero.

FT. GARLAND — Wow how the year has flown! Santa arrived December 2nd at the Blanca/Ft. Garland Community Center to welcome local families with Christmas spirit.

As always the Fort Garland Revitalization Committee would like to thank local volunteer firefighters for providing his safe arrival. The committee also graciously thanks the community center and staff for aiding in Fort Garland Revitalization Committee’s (FGRC) hosting of the event and All Gon Pizza for providing slices of pizza to those who attended.

Thanks also to donors Roberta Williams, Rick Manzanares, Fort Market and Sangre De Cristo Homeowners Association.

The committee would also like to take this time to thank and remember the many years Helen Gonzales dedicated her time to aiding in the successes of beatification and unification of our town. She was the last member to pass from the original members who established the non-profit organization starting in 1989.

FGRC welcomes and encourages new members to get involved and volunteer. Please contact Ayesha Williams at [email protected] for more information.  


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