Sargent Community Church celebrates 100th anniversary

SARGENT — “Celebrating 100 years of ministry is a gift to be celebrated by all of us,” Rev. Lester Huseby said when he was talking about the Sargent Community Church observing its 100th anniversary of the rural church on Sunday, June 24, beginning with worship at 10:30 a.m. followed by lunch, music and sharing.

The church was officially organized in June 1918 after two months of preliminary work by the first pastor, Rev. David Elmer Nourse. He had been called because of his interest in The Union Sunday School, which was started in December 1917.  A church history written by Ruth Mathias said, “The organization, then effected, had its conception years earlier in the hearts of the pioneers who were responsible for the beginnings of agriculture in that part of the San Luis Valley north of Monte Vista.”  There were nine or 10 rural country schools that were involved in The Union Sunday School that joined together to become the Sargent Community Church.

The activities of the congregation were held in the Sargent Consolidated School until the present church building located on the southwest corner of the intersection of the Sargent School located two miles east of US Highway 285 on the 7 Mile Road was completed and dedicated on August 16, 1959.

The church, through the years, with all the changes in agriculture, government policies and decrease in community population, has continued to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and serve the community. The people with the guidance of the trustees work together to help maintain the churches property. A generous donation was made by church members in recent years to redecorate and improve the kitchen appliances. The building serves as a meeting place for several organizations and activities besides those of the church.

Those of the anniversary committee are looking forward to a wonderful day of worship, celebration and reminiscing. Everyone interesting in attending the event is welcome to attend. Lunch will be served and dessert following an afternoon of music and sharing. There will be no charge. 

If you have questions, you may call Harriet DeFreece, 852-2126, or Carla Worley 719-850-1780.