School shooting prompts training, offered locally

DEL NORTE — Rio Grande Hospital and Clinics (RGH) in conjunction with the national group, Stop the Bleed will be offering the community free courses on how to stop bleeding in case of emergency. “This is something everyone should know how to do since we are stricken by mass shootings, terrorism, and much more,” said Dr. Robins with RGH. “We want to educate the community so everyone is prepared for this kind of emergency,” he added.

Stop the Bleed emerged after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The training is recommended for all ages to prevent unnecessary death, which is preventable in many severe bleeding situations. This life saving skill is easy to learn and can make a difference in saving al life.

Free training will be offered to the public at Rio Grande Hospital or your group’s location throughout the year. For more information or to set up a training, please email [email protected], call 719-657-3266, or visit