SDC mountains graze too

I recently read the article Linda Relyea and Kaitlyn Kelley wrote about cattle.  First of all, I absolutely love the research project. I graduated from the science department at Adams State College in 1997 with a Biology Degree.  I currently teach science at Centennial High School in San Luis on the east side of the Valley.  

As I indicated before, I support the research on the riparian zones.  However, the section indicating that the Sangre de Cristo Mountains offer steep terrain and cattle are less likely to thrive is completely inaccurate.  It goes on to say “Therefore, only the San Juan’s public lands are leased to fatten livestock during the summer months.”  Once again completely inaccurate.  

The purpose of this message is to clarify that the Sangre de Cristo Mountains are home to some of the oldest and richest grazing rights in Colorado.  Trinchera is managing a remarkable herd of cattle on some of the lushest meadows and riparian zones.  The people of San Luis recently won a Supreme Court ruling to continue to graze the Cielo Vista Ranch.  On the south side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Costilla County Dos Hermanos Ranch offers another large grazing area.  These ranches comprise some of the best grazing available.  I believe the University should have included both ends of the Valley in their study.  I know the authors did not mean any harm and I enjoyed the article.  However, I think it is only right to clarify the misunderstanding.  Thank you for your time.

Robert Quintana

Cattle Rancher