Second Annual Run for Reedo a success

Tristan and Gabe Clum, nephews of the late Jerry Reed, traveled from New Mexico to take part in the Second Annual Run for Reedo on Saturday morning. (Courtesy/ Clint Middlemist)

Late educator/mentor honored with 5k

ALAMOSA — Before the snow flurries hit Saturday morning, 54 runners/walkers took part in the second annual Run for Reedo 5k Run/3k Walk amid clear blue skies. Sponsored by the Alamosa Alumni Association, the event raised funds for the alumni association’s annual scholarships for Alamosa High School students.

The Alamosa Alumni Association was founded by the late Alamosa educator Jerry Reed; the association’s primary mission is to fund scholarships for AHS students.

Chuck Smead finished the 5k race in a time of 22:03 and was the male winner, while Lori Villalva was the first female with a time of 28:23. In the 3k race, Erika Henderson finished first in 25.51 and Alvaro Ramirez finished as the first male, 29:51.

Prior to the race Alamosa High and Ortega Middle school students took part in a t-shirt design contest; winners were AHS senior Aleceya Tolsma, who designed the front of the run shirt and AHS sophomore Ryker Alonzo, who sketched Reed’s face for the back of the shirt.

Prior to the race, Alamosa Alumni Association chair Sophia Avila announced the newly designated 501(c)(3) status of the association. All donations made to the association over $250 will now be tax-deductible.

Reed’s sister Annie and brother Kenny were in attendance, as were other family members, including Jerry’s 18-month old nephew Jack.

The association was thankful to sponsored and loved by many local businesses, school clubs and community members: Absmeier Landscaping and Construction; AJ Signs and Designs; Alamosa Building Supply; Alamosa High School; City of Alamosa; Ef’s Restaurant; Energy Resource Center; Eva S. Mejia, DDS, LLC; Jed Smith, John & Robbie Curto; Law Office of Karl Kuenhold, LLC, Schrader’s Glass Shop, LLC, Starbucks of Alamosa and the Valley Courier.

Run results

5k Top Male Finisher

Chuck Smead, 22.03

5k Top Female Finisher

Lori Villalva, 28.23

Other 5k Finishers

Isaiah Casanova, 23.39

Mario Villalva, 23.43

Mike Henderson, 24.42

Aaron Miltenberger, 25.13

Benito Sandoval, 26.38

Suzanne DeVore, 28.34

Cesar Mejia, 29.15

Eva Mejia, 29.16

Zavier Medina, 30.4

Isaiah Avila, 31.15

Sam Montoya, 31.24

Victoria Mcroy, 31.51

Wendy Willett, 32.23

Krista Martinez, 33.23

Desiree Cortez, 34.02

Regina Imre, 36.29

Joelle Boos-Medina, 37.51

Julie Kenison, 37.54

Angelica Quintana, 38.06

Gabe Clum, 42.12

Tristan Clum, 42.13

Amy Kunugi, 48.5

Michele Kritner, 54.06

Susan Foster, 54.07

Kathrine Baer, 54.09

Mark Skinner, 57.11

Louann Skinner, 57.17

3k Top Female Finisher

Henderson Erika, 25.51

3k Top Male Finisher

Alvaro Ramirez, 29.51

Other 3k Finishers

Sarah Ramirez, 26.11

Antoinette Ramirez, 29.52

Tracy Vigil, 29.54

Kyle Medders, 32.59

Annie Medders, 33.00

Garrett Marquez, 33.15

Heath Bell, 33.17

Kendra Marquez, 33.18

Ken Marquez, 33.19

Dolores Marquez, 33.2

Tiffany Reed, 33.4

Kim Cordova, 35.2

Justin Cordova, 35.21

Kenny Reed, 38.17

Mike Martinez, 38.2

Carmen Thong, 39.03

Emily Thong, 39.05


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