Sermon: Vanderwindt

“While He was saying this, a synagogue leader came and knelt before Him...” – Matthew 9:18

In this section of Matthew 9, Jesus is at a feast, which Matthew threw after becoming Jesus’ disciple. While there, He is questioned about fasting by the Pharisees and John the Baptist’s disciples. While He is answering them Jairus comes, kneels before Him and requests that Jesus restore His daughter to life. As Jesus is on the way to heal Jairus’ daughter, His trip is interrupted by a woman who touched the edge of His cloak to be healed. Jesus’ response to all of these interruptions is to stop what He is doing and listen to them.

If there was anyone in history who could have said, “Not right now, can you not see that I am busy?” It would have been Jesus. “I am sorry Pharisees and John the Baptist’s disciples I would love to answer your question, but I am eating and celebrating with Matthew.” “I am sorry Jairus, but I am in the middle of an important conversation.” “I am sorry I am on my way to heal a girl who has just died.” Yet, Jesus does not say any of these things. Instead, we are told He gets up and goes with Jairus and that He turns, sees the woman and heals her. We see in Jesus’ interactions with the Pharisess, John’s disciples, Jairus and the woman that He treats all of them the same; He does not take their social standing into account, but He sees all of them and loves them enough to listen to them.

I am sure that most of us have had the experience of calling a company and being put on hold. At first we might think the music is not too bad and we appreciate the “Thank you for holding. Your call is important to us;” however, after we have heard the loop of songs for the third time and have enjoyed “Your call is important to us” every five minutes, we begin to wonder exactly how important our call really is.

How wonderful to know that God is not too busy for us. When we call out to Him in prayer we are not put on hold or told to come back later because He is too busy. Instead God turns, sees us and listens to what we have to say.

Today, may you not only know that God listens to what you have to say but may you feel that God wants to listen to what is on your heart. He is never too busy.

He is never uninterested. He will never put you on hold. He turns and listens to the prayers of His children.