Sermon: You are God’s chosen

1 Corinthians 1:26

“Remember dear brothers and sisters that few of you were wise in the world’s eyes or powerful or wealthy when God called you.”

Jesus is referring to those whom He had called, His disciples/followers: Fishermen, tent makers, tax collectors…hardly men of high social standing. Let’s not forget about Paul…for goodness sake, Paul hunted down and murdered Christians!


You and I are God’s chosen. Whether or not you have made a commitment to the Lord yet..HE HAS CHOSEN YOU. God tells us in His word, “I knew you in your mother’s womb.” “I know the number of hairs on your head.”

Who knows you better than Jesus?!!

He knows all about us, yet in spite of it all, HE LOVES US AND HE CALLS US!

What does that mean, to call us? What does He call us to do?

Jesus is calling us to HIS SERVICE.

This call is different for each person…

Being called doesn’t mean that you will be standing on the street corner, Bible in hand, preaching the Gospel…

WE ARE CALLED TO SERVE IN EVERY DAY LIFE…right now, with the Spring Fire here in our back door, we are certainly being given an opportunity to serve others.

-Your calling may be to ENCOURAGE. Is a kind smile and a gentle word your gift?

I’ll tell you, sitting in those evacuee meetings, these folks are just crying out for a word of encouragement.

-Do you have the gift of HOSPITALITY? When people enter your home, do they feel the warmth of Christ? When given the opportunity to provide a meal, a bed or a safe spot for people facing devastation to simply sit and regroup; you are blessing them with the gift of HOSPITALITY.  Friends, this fire is now in excess of 100,000 acres. Before this is over, we will all need to hone our HOSPITALITY SKILLS.

-Is your calling to PRAY? Being faithful to hold others up in prayer is a great calling and I’m grateful everyday for those of you that continue to hold up this valley and all of us that call it home in PRAYER. Scripture tells us to “Pray without ceasing.”

-A COMFORTER—Are you called to care for someone who is homebound or in nursing facility? Think of all the people who have brought you COMFORT in difficult/dark times. The COMFORTER is a great blessing.

-Are you a LISTENER? Often people need a safe place to vent. They are not asking you to fix their problems but to simply HEAR what is on their heart. THIS IS A SPECIAL CALLING! People need to know they can express their burdens/frustrations without judgment or the fear of their inner most struggles becoming the town’s newest gossip.

-To LOVE…Have you been called to LOVE? When people are in your presence, do they feel loved? Jesus, when speaking of the gifts, said “..the greatest is LOVE.”

Pause for a moment and think of the people this morning, in Costilla and Huerfano Counties, that need to cross paths with those of us with THESE CALLINGS.

This fire is not going out anytime soon. People are stressed and frightened…Cut people some slack. They may seem to have a short temper and be unreasonable. You have no idea what they are facing at home…if they even have a home to return to.

Show them your gifts of COMPASSION, Your gifts of EMPATHY.

The Lord is calling YOU to serve, so that others may know Jesus Christ through YOU

How will you serve today?

Matthew 10:8 says, “…freely you have received, freely give.”

Sharon Emory is pastor of First Christian Church.

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