Shelter dogs available


To adopt or reclaim any of these pets, contact Conour Animal Shelter at 852-3366 or 2825 Sherman Ave., Monte Vista, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Also see Low cost spay vouchers are available at Valley Humane in Alamosa, so call them at 719-589-3385 to see about spaying or neutering your dog.

Buddy is a male rough collie about a year old, very sweet and easy going.

Iris is a Mini Pinscher about 7 years old, probably the mother of Lily.

Lily is about 2 years old, a Mini Pinscher, found with Iris who may be her mother. 

Jet is a pit bull and very easy going, likes other animals and is 2 years old. A background check will be required for anyone wishing to adopt Jet.

Shonda is about a year old and a mixed breed, very sweet.

Daisy was found by a nice man in Manassa. She is 8 years old and I had a wonderful family once who spayed her. She knows many tricks such as sit, stay, down, roll over, and high five. She loves riding in cars and is great on a leash. The shelter workers believe she was stolen from her original owners for a pit bull fighting ring as she came to the shelter with many injuries. She is not a fighter and was used as bait. Please help find her original owner who loved her.