Sink or Swim

Today you have a choice. A choice to live or die. The power of your choice is in the tongue. You can say what you want to say. Or, you can be very particular about choosing your words. They are important to your life.

They direct the direction of your life. They shield you from harm. They protect the innocent. They demand respect. They hurt. They heal. They bring life or death. Let’s play offense. Let’s use our words to bring life - not destruction to our very soul and inner being.

That’s why I tell you are winning. Until you say you are winning, you won’t be. Until you speak victory over your life, you will only have defeat. In this world, you have got to play offense. No sitting back waiting to see what the ‘ol world is going to dish out. No waiting to see what hand you have been dealt. No waiting. What are you waiting for?

You are loved. Your family loves you. No, seriously. They really do love you. I hear how much they love you. I hear the worry in their heart for you. They want you to be happy. It can be overwhelming for them to think that they cannot make you happy.

It really is too much of a burden that families put on themselves. Your happiness is not their responsibility. It never has been. It’s yours. Don’t expect your family to make you happy. Since when did you do that in your lifetime?

Oh, well, I suppose many of us have done that - expected our children to make us happy. Our children have lives of their own. They are trying to find their way. They are trying to raise their families like you raised them. They probably have put a different twist to it hoping they were doing better than how they were raised. But for the most part, they are following your example.

It’s in their blood. You and your influence are in their blood. And, just because you’re older now doesn’t mean that you don’t have any more influence. Your influence has only gotten greater and more powerful in your latter years. Your children, your family and your friends think about you often. They are rooting for you. They want you to win. They really do.

What gives you the right to be down on yourself or them? Do you not know that you have been living out the life that was planned for you. Sure, you have made some choices that have taken you around a few mountains, but ultimately you are living the life planned for you since the beginning of time. The only difference is that now you have time to think about that life you’re living. You have time to really think about the life you’re living. Now is the ultimate time of your life.

The best is always saved for last. The encore, the grand finale, the last is always greater than the first. You were born into this world and have lived a life full. Full of twists and turns. Full of magnificent accomplishments. Full of grit. Full of determination. Full of love for your fellow man. Full of a sense of responsibility for your country. Full of a need to feel needed.

You are still needed. This world needs its older folks to run the race put out before them. You can’t quit now. You are almost across the finish line. The finish line is hard to cross. But once you’re on that other side, it was all worth it. What a relief to have finished and finished with style. You can do this. Remember, you are winning!