SLV celebrates Alamosa Rural Training Track residents’ graduation

Courtesy photo From left Dr. Joseph Quintana, Residency Preceptor, Dr. Andrew Xu, graduating resident, Dr. Tammy Gregg, Alamosa RTT Residency Program Site Director; Dr. Amanda Mullen, graduating resident

ALAMOSA — Valley-Wide Health Systems is pleased to announce that the Alamosa Rural Training Track (RTT) Residency Program had its third graduation ceremony Wednesday, June 23rd, honoring Dr. Amanda Mullen and Dr. Andrew Xu.

The mission of the Alamosa RTT Residency Program provides medical education and training for Family Medicine Residents in an accredited residency program while they live and work in a rural community. Training begins with the internship year at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, and the next two years are spent in Alamosa. The residency program is integrated with Valley-Wide Health Systems for primary care and with the SLV Health hospital for specialty rotations.

We wish the graduating residents well in their careers as family medicine physicians! Dr. Mullen has joined Southwest Health Systems in Cortez, and Dr. Xu has joined UC Health Firestone Medicine in Longmont.

Dr. Tammy Gregg, Valley-Wide Family Medicine Physician and RTT Site Director noted, “Graduation is always an exciting but emotional time for us here in the residency program. We are excited to graduate Dr. Andrew Xu and Dr. Amanda Mullen, knowing that they will be starting a new chapter in their careers. At the same time, we will miss them greatly. They became a huge part of the community and in their patient’s lives.  Congratulations to Dr. Xu and Mullen.”

The residents awarded “Preceptor of the Year” to Dr. Olivier deRaet and Dr. Clint Sowards received a Certificate of Appreciation for all of his support to the residency program.

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