SLV Health, teaching through teddy bears

Monica Hinds, Director of Emergency Services & Obstetrics at San Luis Valley Health, stitching up a stuffed toy.

On Saturday, April 30th, San Luis Valley Health sponsored the Teddy Bear Clinic at Hope & Home in Alamosa. It was a special event for children in foster care to help develop positive associations with healthcare workers.

Healthcare workers from around the community volunteered their time to give the children’s stuffed animals a “check-up.” Over 20 local foster children attended and their stuffed animals received eye exams, stitches, x-rays, dental work, and more.

By the time the foster child left the clinic, their toys were patched up and they gained a positive experience with several different medical professionals.

Hope & Home is a non-profit foster care provider that offers families support and training. Becoming a licensed foster parent is important work, and Hope & Hope is there to make sure families do not feel like they are alone in their journey.