SLV regional airport seeks fixed base operator

ALAMOSA — The San Luis Valley Regional Airport Advisory Board approved the revised Request for Proposal for entities that are interested in bidding to become the next Fixed Base Operator (FBO) for the airport on Thursday.

The proposal is being released earlier than expected in the interest of expediting the bid process. This came at the request of Advisory Board Chairwoman Donna Wehe, which was approved by the rest of the board.

Alamosa County has been acting as the Fixed Base Operator since June. The buildings and facilities buildings will be leased to the entity that becomes the new FBO. Any lease or agreement will remain negotiable. It is also expected that the airport will be negotiating new fees such as one for fuel flowage with the next operation that takes over. The revenue shares are also expected to be negotiable. The airport plans to provide the new FBO with fuel services on an interim basis to allow for time contract negotiation, equipping and staffing.

There is not a set minimum lease rate and all proposals will be welcome. There are also renovations that will be needed to the facilities. The current airport budget is under review and if funds are available, recommendations for a FBO contract will be made to the Alamosa County commissioners who will have the final approval.

There will be a pre-bid walkthrough on November 26th for interested parties to view the airport. The bid process is expected to be completed by early 2019.